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Bird training CDs by The Whistler! The Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds is the best bird training CD on the market. Can your bird whistle a tune? How well? Many birds are natural whistlers. Some birds can even learn to whistle some things at the same skill levels as professional whistling entertainers. That's why Robert Stemmons, known internationally as "The Whistler", has recorded several volumes of "The Whistler's Whistling Workout for Birds". These easy to use CDs are designed to train birds to whistle the best they can.

Q: Will my bird learn to whistle if it listens to bird training CDs?
A: Maybe.
No guarantees, but the chances are certainly increased. Many birds tend to repeat what they hear. Give them great whistling delivered in the best training format and there is a very good chance you will hear them repeat some of what they hear.

Q: Is there background music on these bird training CDs?
A: No.

Shortly after I began selling my first CD, "Whistlodeon", in 1997, a lot of bird owners began buying it and giving excellent reviews on how their birds were learning to whistle. A few, however, refused to buy Whistlodeon, and would not even give it a try, because it has background music. This, of course, immediately prompted the idea to make bird training CDs without background music. Based on all the feedback I get background music really makes no difference one way or another. I am in a pretty good position to evaluate this as I sell CDs both with and without background music and I receive regular customer feedback about both formats.

Q: If you teach a bird to whistle before it learns to talk, will it still learn to talk?
A: Expert opinions vary greatly on this issue and I am not sure why.

Experience tells me that many, if not all, birds will learn to whistle and talk regardless of which order the material is presented in. However, I will let the experts settle this between themselves. If you have reservations I suggest you wait until your bird talks sufficiently before introducing it to whistling.

Q: Does the whole song play or just a part of the song?
A: Just a part of the song.

Just the "best" part of the song plays. If the whole song played many birds would be overwhelmed. Worse yet, some birds would only learn an obscure part of the tune instead of that memorable part that most people recognize. This was one of the lessons I learned from selling Whistlodeon.

Q: Why do the tracks repeat for a total of five plays?
A: Birds learn best by listening to repetition.
Ask any educator and they will tell you how important repetition is in learning. This is just as true for birds as it is humans.

Q: Why the one minute delay in between tracks?
A: To allow the bird sufficient time to settle down, reflect, and practice.

Though we humans would sometimes like to have things move faster, birds learn best when taught with patience.

Q: There are a lot of repeats on these CDs. Is this hard on my CD player?
A: Absolutely not.

Your CD player sees each set of repeats as just one track. It is no different than playing a regular music CD.

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