Endorsments and Testimonials
"Everything anyone could want in a training tape, plus lessons from the master. It's really terrific."
- Michael Cockrell, Head Trainer for Walt Disney World's Discovery Island Bird Show from 1974-1994

"I have 2 cockatiels named Willi (white & gray) and Wonka (Orange cheeks) and an African Grey named Knuckles...Here are pictures of my babies...Thanks for all you do to make our birds lives more fulfilling."
- Catherine

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your Whistler's Workout for Birds CD is. My Tweety (cockatiel) loves your CD and is whistling many of the tunes. I had bought her several other CD and only found myself wasting my money. Also, your CD is not annoying to listen to for the human ears such as others that I have bought. I hope to see your CD out there a lot more. There was a bird fair here 9/6 and I was hoping to see your CD for sale. I would love to see it at the next bird fair in March I would even be willing to help sell it!
Scherrill Malone, Oklahoma

" My African Grey Parrot used to screech continuously, until I purchased the 2 CD's from The Whistler, especially designed for birds. I now play them on random/repeat on my CD player all day for my parrot whilst I am at work, and he doesn't screech anymore! He has now started to sing beautifully and try to emulate some of the sounds on the CD's.
Quite miraculous! I would strongly recommend that any bird owner invests in these CD's. They have saved my sanity!"
- Mike Jones
West London, England

The CDs I ordered were in my mailbox when I got home. They are WONDERFUL!! I really enjoy them, and so es my parrot. The look on her face for the first few minutes could best be described as "oh no, I'm not ready for this class, mom".
But then she got into it. Hopefully I will learn to whistle too. As it stands, I can't carry a tune. Thank you very

Robert, thanks!
Batik, my almost 6 month old Congo African Grey, and I received our CDs Friday and have played them almost
constantly since. My family, especially my 89 year old mom, is just as impressed.
I ordered Whistlodeon, and Batik ordered the Workout, Vol. 1. Later we'll be making another order.
Saturday, while listening to Whistlodeon together, Batik got to rocking out like I've heard her do before. She was singing along, doing her learned whistles, her bobwhite quail, whippoorwill, and wolf whistles, her natural experimental birdie whistles, and some real people words I'd never heard before. We'll work more with her Workout CD a little later when she gets a little older and more verbal.
Whistlodeon is best for her until she is "big" enough to start really learning the songs.
I see at your website that you do various wild bird whistles yourself. I figure you can do just about anything any other 'bird' in OK can do, actually! I'm wondering if you have a bird calls tape or CD for sale. We enjoy our wild birds so much here in Arkansas, and I want Batik to be able to practice all year, not just in the summer when she can hear them singing.
Thanks both for making your CDs available to you and for letting me know about the availability of a bird calls CD.
- Betty Ferguson

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